Fronted by Dale "Alyas S. Macintosh" Dumoret, The Hill was a Vancouver pop band in the nineteen-nineties whose music drew influence from a wide wange of styles including pop, industrial, rock, hip-hop, lounge, trip-hop, industrial and metal. The band had one major release, 1999's 'Sin City Cabaret' and appeared on Deprogrammed Records 1997 compilation 'Education In Infestation'.

Members Througout History

Dale "Alyas S. Macintosh" Dumoret, Randal Dumoret, Andrew "Sal Riley" Lindsay, Brett Wolfe, Leigh Huddart, Francis Beezer, Monica Lacina, Juniper Waters, Andrew "Jazz" Nicholson, Phil Grimason, Dave "Muppet" Hartman, Julio Chakal


'Thirsty Years' (Unreleased - Recorded 1999, 2000)

  1. Thirsty Years
  2. Elsa
  3. Sin City Cabaret (Version 2)
  4. Radio Hustlers

'Sin City Cabaret' (1999)

  1. Sliding Glasses
  2. All's Unsettled On The Western Front
  3. Havaii
  4. Closed Recital
  5. Sin City Cabaret (Version 1)
  6. Backroom
  7. Lounge Cat Called Sin, Part 2

From the 'Education In Infestation' Compilation (1997)

  1. Lounge Cat Called Sin, Part 1

Last Red Heat Horizion (Unreleased - Recorded 1996)

  1. Last Red Heat Horizon