For those interested in music, please check out the newish Swall album on Bandcamp.

For everyone else, I don't seem to be able to keep much up to date on that makes sense on this home page so for the time being please enjoy a list of my last 10 book purchases.

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Recent Book Purchases

Title Author
Product-led Growth Wes Bush
Faust Goethe
Season of Skulls Charles Stross
The Revolution®: Quotations from the Revolution Party Chariman R. U. Sirius R. U. Sirius
Red Team Blues Cory Doctorow
Futility Closet 2 Greg Ross
Futility Closet Greg Ross
True Mutations: Interviews on the Edge of Science, Technology and Conciousness R. U. Sirius
Flux Jinwoo Chong
The Complete Guide to Sharpening Leonard Lee