Fronted by Andrew Lindsay, Biffy Perdu was an Vancouver and Montreal based rock band in the early part of this century. As Biffy Perdu, Andrew pretended to be an aging blues guitartist/taxidermist whose hand had been wounded in a mid-seventies bar brawl. The shtick stuck and as the mass media bought into it en masse the Biffy fiction became increasingly credible. When the band officially broke up in 2005 dozens of newspaper articles, radio interviews and even television appearances were in evidence to back up Biffy's story.

Members Througout History

Andrew ' Biffy Perdu' Lindsay, Shane 'Wayne Shot' Watt, Amelia 'Deathmaster Sassy' Hanna, Mars Aladas, Jay Travers, Dave Taylor, William Moysey, Captain Mark Stevens, Shiraz Mohammed, John Ancheta, Ben Nevis, Salvadore Papricash, Dexter Manly, Frank Bonneville, Eric Lapointe


The Untold Power of the Cosmos (2000)

  1. Strollin' Through The Mini-mall Lookin' For Love
  2. The Untold Power of the Cosmos
  3. Hey Alamodo, Listen To This!
  4. Kiss The Goat
  5. Chicken Koop
  6. Porcupine
  7. Gerome
  8. The Town of Fear
  9. Portrait Of A Taxidermist As A Young Man
  10. Satan's Trampoline (written by Lawnmower Deth)

The Stapled-Down Lust E.P. (2003)

  1. Edgar Allan's Pony
  2. Dyspeptic
  3. Bush Pilot
  4. Happy Frickin' Birthday

Unreleased Material - Recorded from 2003 to 2006

  1. Dirty Jake
  2. Dyspeptic
  3. Manta Ray (written by Charles Thompson)
  4. Wildebeast